3-D Full Length Insoles

Triple density Insoles

Features & Benefits of 3-D Silicone Full Length Insoles:

Triple Density Shoe InsolesInsoles with “molded-in” metatarsal pads help relieve the aches and pains of many foot complaints including ball-of-foot pain, Aching Feet, Arch Pain or strain, Back Pain, Bunion Pain, Calf Pain, Cracked Heels, Fallen Arches, Flat Feet, Flat Feet and Excessive Pronation, Foot Lumps, Foot Ulcers, Hammer Toe, Heel Bone Spurs, Heel Cracks, Heel Fissures, Heel Pain, High Arches, In-toeing, Knee Pain, Leg cramps, Mallet Toes, Metatarsalgia, Morton’s Toe, pes cavus, Pes Planus, Pumps Bumps, Sever’s Disease. The list of foot conditions that these insoles can help are almost limitless.
Medical-grade silicone provide exceptional pain-relieving qualities for sensitive feet or plantar fasciitis pain. Soft, anatomically correct, dual-density red silicone inserts absorb shock and pain under the heel and forefoot.
Perforated blue inserts offer firm arch support and helps keep feet cool. Non-irritating materials make the insoles comfortable for even the most sensitive feet. Other Important Information About 3-D Silicone Full Length Insoles.

Insoles that contain extra dense areas are now recommended by qualified podiatrists around the world in the fight against foot pain and injury.

Material Content: medical-grade silicone.

3-D Silicone Full Length Men’s / Women’s Insoles