Insoles For High Heels

Insoles For High Heels

Insoles for high heels are pretty much essential today. As women’s shoes become higher and higher, the stresses that are placed on the feet are becoming more and more. Fashion is very important to the ladies and most women have to have the latest trend. Looking good has never been more important and shoes are very important to the fairer sex.

Feet are not designed to withstand the extra forces which high heels bring. Some high heel shoes are positively lethal and women should do all they can to combat these excessive forces on the feet. That is why foot doctors, podiatrists ans chiropodists around the world, highly recommend wearing insoles for high heels.

There are many negative effects that can occur when standing or walking in high heel shoes for even the shortest of time. To combat these stresses, insoles for high heels were designed. Giving extra support to the most sensitive areas of the foot can help to keep the feet fit and healthy, which is obviously a very good thing. Painful feet are not pleasant and can lead to time off work and can also have a serious impact on your quality of life.

Enhanced cushioned comfort insoles for the heel and ball of foot.

Now your feet can feel fabulous all day and night!

Slim Gel Comfort insoles that provide perfect cushioning for your heels, and the ball of foot area.

3/4 Insoles For Her

*Added Arch Support For total comfort.

* 3/4 length gel insole with open toe cut design suits all types shoe, with no need for trimming.

* Made from extra cushioned Gel for Superb Impact Absorption.

* Soft and silky material cover for added comfort

* Super adhesive backing ensures your insoles stay securely in place 24 hours a day.

3/4 Women’s Insoles – USA Size 6-10

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