About Best Shoe lifts


Welcome to www.BestShoeLifts.com
We sell, shoe lifts, heel lifts, height increase insoles, shoe inserts, shoes insoles, heel pads, arch supports nipple covers, pasties, breast petals.
BestShoeLifts,  established in February 2006.
The purpose of the company’s existence is to provide its customers with the best possible combination of high quality and low priced products. Although BestShoeLifts is new and was established during a period of high competition and economic crisis, we managed to gain consumers trust and loyalty.We have developed mutual trust and understanding with many customers in USA, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and all over the world.

BestShoeLifts “weapons” for these achievements are:
1. The quality of its products
2. Low prices
3. Customer support and communication
4. Fast and free shipment
5. Customers satisfaction

In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives BestShoeLifts communicate with the best suppliers in the world. Setting up high quality standards the company’s management team looks for new products and suppliers to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our GOAL is: CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION.
We want our customers to be satisfied and visit our website for their purchases again and again.
We work very hard to reduce the total final price of your products. The main reasons for our Low Prices are:
1. We don’t have Extra Transportation costs
2. We don’t have Marketing costs
3. We don’t have Customs costs
4. We don’t have Storage costs
5. We don’t have Stock costs

BestShoeLifts Mission
1.To make our customers happy
2.To build one of the most powerful sales websites network in the world

* BestShoeLifts offer FREE worldwide delivery and all the deliveries will be provided with TRACKING NUMBERS.
* BestShoeLifts accepts Paypal payments.
* BestShoeLifts will dispatch your goods by “REGISTERED POST at the same day.
* If you require your goods sent by Express Mail please email us, requires additional postage.
* Visit our terms page to see our returns policy.