Adjustable Heel Lift Inserts

Heel lift inserts

Heel lift inserts (Unisex), multi-layers, height increasing shoe inserts for both men’s and women’s shoes.

One size fits all. 6cm Heel lift inserts

Heel lift inserts will increase height by a maximum of 6 cms (using all layers provided)

Designed with 3 layers, each layer capable of adding approximately 2 cms of extra height.

Layers are secured by studs so no need for glue or movement within your shoes.

Base layer includes a unique shock absorbtion cell for extra comfort and impact stress reduction.

Exceedingly comfortable, robust, light and easy to wear.

Hard wearing, washable and easily transferable to other shoes. Heel lift inserts

Incremental height increase is made possible by adding layers (3 layers per foot, both right and left feet are accommodated)

Can alleviate heel pain or aches and can also be used to compensate for a leg length discrepancy.