Arch Support Straps

Arch Support Straps

Arch Support Straps

Arch support straps can support and relieve the pain of many foot conditions including plantar fasciitis.

Provide compression to the plantar fascia adding consistent support to the arch of the foot.

Arch support straps can be used with or without shoes, socks or tights.

Very simple to use, wrap the brace around the center of the foot’s arch and secure. Arch Support Straps Upper and Underside View

Built in support cushion and velcro fastening.

Very comfortable and discreet to wear, Sold as a pair, One size fits all.

Can be used to relieve the pain of:
Plantar Fasciitis (an inflammation of the plantar fascia), Flat feet / fallen arches, Tired and aching feet, foot over pronation or over supination, Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction.


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