Arch Supports (Arch Pain)

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Arch supports

help millions of people who suffer from “Pes Planus” commonly known as flat feet or fallen arches.
We now offer these sufferers, increased pain relief with our remarkable Arch Supports orthotics, that really work.
Our high quality, maximum durability, lightweight arch supports are equal in comparison, if not actually superior, to any highly priced custom orthotic arch supports and importantly, at a fraction of the cost .

Endorsed and recommended by pediatric professionals the world over, these arch supports have been used by countless sufferers to relieve the pain and discomfort of flat feet.

Improper arch support and incorrect alignment of the heel and forefoot as you walk, can result in severe arch pain, these supports are specifically constructed to fully support the fallen arch and to maintain correct alignment

Arch Supports Underside ViewConstructed with a polypropylene shell that is flexible enough to provide comfort but rigid enough to support the foot’s arch appropriately and specifically designed to restore your foot’s structure to a more natural and comfortable position. The semi-rigid shell has been specially milled to fit all generic shapes and sizes of feet.

* Alleviate the pain and discomfort of fallen arches.
* Significantly Improve your balance.
* Correct improper alignment.
* Shock absorption layer of soft, breathable fabric.
* Correct improper alignment.

Trim with scissors for exact fit

* Men’s size arch supports: USA 8.5-11.5
* Women’s size arch supports: USA 5.5-8.5

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* Goods are dispatched same day.

Arch supports are at the fore-front of the fight against arch pain in the feet. Arch supports are commonly prescribed by podiatrists whenever surgery is not required. It is always good practice to consult a podiatrist whenever you have foot pain.


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