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Comfort Heel Cups For Men

Comfort heel cups

Dual density extra soft lightweight polymer gel heel cups. Heel cups to protect and cushion the heel bone which is the first bone to contact with the ground when walking and takes the full impact when running.

The heel bone (Calcaneus bone) is the first bone to come into contact with the ground when walking and takes the full force of impact during walking or running.

If you suffer from pain on the bottom of your foot near your heel, especially first thing in the morning or after a long period of sitting, heel pain after exercise or activity, then you might have a heel spur. Comfort Heel Cups For Women

Offer ultimate heel comfort for all shoes or boots.

The blue dot (men’s) and the pink dot (women’s) is anatomically designed for extra protection for the heel spur cavity.

The dual density soft gel silicone absorbs the shock of heel impact or strike especially when running when the heel is most susceptible.

Provides even pressure distribution for the pain relief of the heel area, ankle, knee and back.

Made entirely from medical grade silicone.

Heel cups can help control abnormal foot motion when walking, running or jumping. According to  foothealthfacts.orgHeel pads. Pads placed inside the shoe cushion the heel and may help reduce irritation when walking.”


Heel pain is a very common foot condition in which weight bearing on the heel causes discomfort or even in some cases, extreme painTo correctly treat heel pain, you need to absorb shock (especially if running or jumping), provide cushioning where it is most required and also and elevate the heel in order to transfer pressure. This can all be accomplished with a simple heel cup.

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