Executive Heel Lifts

Executive Heel Lifts

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* Executive Heel Lifts decrease stress on knees and back.

* Executive Heel Lifts are remarkably relaxing, mold into the form of your feet.

* Executive Heel Lifts are versatile top quality fiber content height insole surface area, incorporating a ventilation network that has a dual air cushioning heel, offering better impact moderation.

* Adjustable layer system – adjust the thickness to improve height.

* Heel Lifts, increase height by 4-5cms with multiple layers.

* Executive Heel Lifts are longer lasting and stronger than usual Heel Lifts.

* Executive Heel Lifts can easily serve you for a lifetime.

* Are effective in reducing spinal and leg length disparity issues and increase self confidence.

* Heel Lifts are easily trimmed to adjust to any shoe size.

* Produced from very high quality materials, these are top of the range Heel Lifts.

* Dual air cushions in each insole.

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Executive Heel Lifts are the best heel lifts you can buy for increasing your height safely, comfortably and economically. Executive Heel Lifts are the premier heel lifts for those who require height increase, adjustability, comfort, ease of use and total confidence with their new height gain.