Flat Feet Insoles For Kids

Flat Feet Insoles For Kids

Flat Feet Insoles For KidsFlat Feet Insoles For Kids are arch support orthotics for children suffering flat feet, pes planus, plantar Fasciitis, flexible flatfoot, high arches, arch pain, pain in the heel, arch, ankle, or any pain or discomfort along the outside of the foot. Over-pronation, shin splints, aching or fatigue in the foot or leg and even low back, hip or knee pain.

Double layered high-density Arch Supports.
Alleviates the discomfort of fallen arches.
High-arch support design.
Improves the balance of plantar heel.

The position of the foot is adjusted to correct arch angle irregularities, in order to improve comfort and leg alignment.
Shock absorbing surface layer of soft, breathable polyester fabric.
Surface sweat is absorbed by the breathable middle layer of shock-absorbing anti-bacterial fabric.
Can be washed regularly.

Improper arch support and misalignment of your heel and forefoot as you walk can result in heel and arch pain. These Flat Feet Insoles For Kids are designed to fit into any boots or shoes. They provide extra support for the arch and help correct alignment of the foot and ankle, thus providing comfort and relief for children who are on their feet all day.

http://www.nhs.uk states “Aching feet can often be relieved by wearing supportive shoes that fit properly. You may need to wear shoes that are wider than normal. If your feet overpronate, you may need to wear a special insole (an orthotic) inside your shoes to stop your feet rolling inwards when you walk or run.”