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Heel Lifts Height Increase Insoles (3 Layers)

Adjustable Heel Lifts

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The latest adjustable heel lifts from Bestshoelifts.com

Adjustable heel lifts

that are soft, flexible, ultra light and totally adjustable, allowing total control height increase. Increase height by a full 4.5cm (about 1.77 inches) or start with 2.5cm (about1 inch) and add an extra 1cm (about 0.4inch) as desired or needed. The insoles are easily trimmed to create the perfect fit for any shoe or boot.

Crafted from a strong and durable Eva material that is extremely comfortable and guarantees a long lasting life and a very hard wearing heel lift. Built in shock absorption ensures a great degree of comfort and helps alleviate pain from a variety of foot conditions or a leg length discrepancy. Ultra light in weight which means you will hardly notice you are wearing the insoles.

Great for the first time user of height increasing insoles or the seasoned user already comfortable and confident wearing heel lifts (Can also be used to correct a leg length discrepancy). Slip straight into any shoe, boot or training shoe and can be transferred between shoes or boots without hassle saving you the cost of buying expensive and unfashionable elevator shoes that restrict you to a single shoe or a massive cost to buy multiple elevator shoes. Adjustable Heel Lifts From bestshoelifts.com

The latest addition to height increase insoles from Bestshoelifts.com are an easy to use option to adding height, totally discreet, hard wearing comfortable and perfect for the man who wishes to add to his height, increase confidence and knows the value of quality combined with a great price. The insoles will work best with a high ankle shoe or boot and are easily cleaned.

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Adjustable heel lifts the simple solution to increase your height.