Jun 19

Heel lifts Out Selling Iphones

Heel Lifts

Heel lifts out selling I-phones?

I know it sounds ridiculous, many people may not even know, or care what heel lifts are. Whatever they are, they are selling at an incredible rate of speed. It seems that the entire world wants to look taller and why not?. Being taller is now apparently more important than texting or posing in the bar with the latest offering from Apple. Who would ever have thought that Mr Job’s creations could ever fall from such a height?

Obviously all the above is not entirely accurate, it just appears this way. Apple has reached lofty heights in the business world and their sales seems to be forever increasing. Heel lifts do seem to be mirroring Apple’s success though, sales have rocketed and a quick glance at Goggle’s search results show that there is a rigorous and competitive aura surrounding the soon to be infamous height increase product, Steve Jobs would be impressed there is no doubt.

So what exactly are heel lifts? I hear you ask. Heel lifts are insoles, shoe insoles to be precise, an extra insole placed in the bed of the shoe that gives the user the same effect as women garner from high heel shoes. Known by several different names, shoe lifts, heel lifts, shoe inserts, heel wedges, height increase inserts or insoles. Heel lifts have taken the world by storm, offering a height increase from 0 to anywhere around 5 cm’s, sometimes more and also promising to boost the wearer’s confidence levels to an unprecedented level.

Forgetting the impact on the business world for a moment, what does the medical profession think about heel lifts, surely men are not designed to wear high heels, unlike ladies who seem to thrive on the extra height such devices offer. According to some heel lifts providers, the height increasing inserts or insoles, are very successful in the treatment of such ailments as leg length discrepancy (when one leg is greater in length than the other leg) back pain, neck pain, knee problems and of course severe cases of self doubt and a lack of self confidence, many providers also claim that “Plantar Fasciitis” can also succumb to the healing properties offered by such a seemingly mundane product such as height increase insoles.Heel lifts outselling I-phones

Celebrities have been reaping the benefits of these products for years, there is talk on the internet that the careers of such shining lights such as Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Nicholas Sarkozy and many more could never have reached such a dizzying height unless they had been assisted by the common heel lift. It is not for me to speculate on the veracity of these claims but I have heard tell that “there is no smoke without fire”.

Going back to the apparently hard working and underpaid medical profession, are there any approving statements coming from this erstwhile profession? “Heel lifts can be helpful in stabilizing your feet, redistributing pressure, and also providing an additional tactile input so that your body/brain know where your feet are. Heel lifts can also be used to correct a leg length discrepancy, which can undermine stability and jeopardize balance. Heel lifts are prefabricated or custom made depending upon your problem and need.” My thoughts exactly.

I knew there would be a reason as to why the iphone empire might be under threat but I never imagined that a simple heel lift could ever become the main challenger in the battle of the business heavy weights. It just goes to show the importance of being earnestly taller. Heel lifts or an Iphone, the choice is yours.