Foot Heel Pain

Heel Pain

Heel Pain Overview Heel pain is one of the most common foot conditions that exist. Intense pain can be experienced when using the affected heel during walking, running or even jumping, sometimes the pain can be ever present. Heel pain often builds up overtime and often the pain can get worse if left untreated. In most cases, only one foot will be impacted, although some estimates do report that, about 30 percent of people affected by heel pain, have pain in both heels.

Causes Of Heel Pain Heel pain can be caused by numerous factors, some more obvious than others. The pain, more often than not, is focused on the bottom of the heel area but can occur in the back of the heel. Heel pain can be the cause of a severe condition and so should be considered as warranting the seeking of expert medical attention. Your feet are essential body parts and should be well looked after.

Non Surgical Treatments For Heel Pain Heel pain treatments are normally conservative therapy treatments, that means that there is no need for a surgical operation. Normally, if surgery is required it is for the removal of a bursa (Bursitis of the heel usually causes pain on the underside of the heel, which can increase in severity after a prolonged period of standing, sometimes pain to the rear of the heel that becomes more severe if the foot is bent up or down) or neuroma (benign growth of nerve tissue) or some other growth, normally a “soft tissue” growth.