Heel Spur Heel Cups

Heel Spur Heel Cups

Heel Spur Heel CupsHeel spur pads are designed to help correct alignment of the foot.

Contoured heel cups that fit perfectly.

Relieve painful inflammation by reducing pressure on the sensitive areas, by redirecting pressure away from painful and sensitive areas of the heel.

The contoured shape fits around the heel and improves the stability of the heel within the shoes or boots.

Improved stability of the heel can reduce over pronation.

Relieves pressure on the heel and helps to reduce heel pain and the formation of hard skin.

Can be used effectively to ease the pain caused by:
Achilles tendinitis, Achilles tendon rupture, Bursitis of the foot, Fibromyalgia of the foot, Fractures of the foot, Heel pad atrophy, Heel spurs, Osteomyelitis of the feet, Peripheral neuropathy of the foot, Pinched nerves, Plantar fasciitis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Stress fractures of the foot, Tarsal tunnel syndrome.


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