High Arch Orthotics

High Arch Orthotics

High Arch OrthoticsHigh Arch Orthotics are Orthotic insoles that fit easily into the shoe to provide optimum stability and cushioning to the foot in the areas where it is most required by those sufferering from High Arches.

High Arches (Cavus Foot) is a condition in which the foot has a very high arch. Due to a high arch, an excessive amount of weight is placed on the ball and heel of the foot when walking, running or even just standing.

These insoles offer firm support to the arch and to the ball of the foot. Incorporating a cupped heel and are specifically designed to correct misalignment of the foot that can be a resulting factor of high arched feet.
High Arch Orthotics offer proper alignment of the foot. Which is considered essential for correct balance and improved gait (stride pattern as we walk). Pressure distribution reduces the strain on the ankles, knees, hips, and lower back improving the entire kinetic chain.

High arch orthotic insoles are suitable for all types of shoes.
US men’s size 10-11