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A height Increase Shoe Lift, that reduces the pressure on both the knees and back. An extremely comfortable design that molds to the shape of the foot.

A shoe lift that combines a flexible high fiber insoles surface with total control of adjustment and a ventilation network that helps control foot odor and also helps the foot to breathe. A shoe lift that incorporates a unique air cushioned heel support system.

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Shoe lift incorporating an adjustable layer system, giving the user, far more flexibility than any single piece shoe lift available, allowing adjustment of the Height Increase obtained. Adding  a layer shim, to the shoe lifts allows an increase of  five centimetres to your height, appearing to make you grow taller gradually rather than a noticeable, instant height increase.

* Increase your height by 3.5 – 5cms with a multi-layered shoe lift.
* Durable and strong shoe lift, can last a lifetime.
* A height Increase shoe lift that can help you to become taller, reduce leg length discrepancy issues,  aid in the treatment of spinal problems and greatly increase self confidence.

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