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Shoe Lifts (Heel Lifts)

New 2

Executive Shoe Lifts $22.99

Premier Shoe Lifts $18.99

Premier Shoe Lifts $18.99

New 3

Gel Shoe Lifts $17.99

New 5

Height Increase Insoles $16.99

New 6

Shoe Lifts Inserts $17.29

New 1

Shoe Lifts Adjustable $19.99

Wolf Of Wall Street Shoe Lifts Kit

Wolf Of Wall Street Shoe Lifts Kit $63.99

Arch Supports

kids flat feet

Flat Feet Insoles For Kids $26.98

High Arch Orthotics

High Arch Orthotics $39.99

full length insoles

Full Arch Support insoles $36.99

Heel Pads/Cups

Heel Pads6

Heel Pads (Unisex) $10.49

Heel Pads1

Heel Spur Heel Cups $19.99

Heel Pads5

Comfort Heel Cups $14.99

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Solution Graphics
Flat Feet

Flat Feet (Fallen Arches)

Flat Feet Overview Flat feet (fallen arches or pes planus) are very common and quite often a complicated foot problem. There are a wide range of causes, symptoms and treatments and no two cases are identical. Flat feet are common in children as the foot’s arch is not yet fully developed and not a cause …

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The Foot

Heel Pain An In-depth Overview

Heel pain is one of the most common foot conditions that exist. Intense pain can be experienced when using the affected heel while walking, running or even jumping, sometimes the pain can be ever present. Heel pain often builds up overtime and often the pain can get worse if left untreated. In most cases, only …

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